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I’m using my old blog because my server is having issues.  I’ll remove this with just a link once things are stable again.

I’m using my blog for the FAQ because, well its just easier to edit and allows for comments.  You can comment here or @twittfilter.

Ok, a few things up front though. Twittfilter was something I wrote for myself almost 9 months ago. Bit by bit I would allow friends on the system and bit by bit I added functions that I needed or wanted.  A few months back, I decided to make this a normal product and allow others on the system.  As  you can imagine, there are many messages and functions that work for me but may not make sense to others.  I tried to make this as user friendly as I could, and still working on it, but clearly, there is a way to go.


Note: as a user, you only get 100 calls to twitter per hour.  If you have other twitter apps running, and have just finished a heavy ‘tweeting’ session, you may be out of ‘tweets’.  Give it a rest for an hour and try again.

I cannot Sign in/ Sign up:

I have heard this a few times and there are only 3 possible things I can think of.  1) you are out of tweets (see above)   2) incorrect Caps. Twitter is picky  3) Twitter is down or being very slow.     Every time I hear this issue, I suggest the above and never hear from people again.  So I still do not know if its working or not.

I KNOW I’m typing in the correct information, but I still cannot log into the web site.

Twittfilter only uses cache to know who you are name/password.  Sometimes when I was testing this, I had a hard time getting IE to clear cache for this page. Not always, but sometimes. Clicking on ’sign out’ in the upper right normally takes care of it, but you may want to try clearing cache manually, close then reopen IE.  This seems to be an IE issue only.

I’m getting way too many emails:

You can set the level at which you get emails from friendfiilter. By default, you are set to get emails from all new followers unless they are below a score of 0. yes this can happen, normally (but not always) its spam. To change  your settings, go to -> ‘Edit account and options’ and select the min score (stars) required before you get an email.  I would recommend you start with 3 stars and go from there.

How do I unsubscribe?

Go to -> ‘Edit account and options’ and select ‘off’ for both email services.  This will delete you from the email system. Twittfilter uses cache to login, so it does not store your password.

What is the difference between Score and Stars?  What do they mean?

Score is how I internally refer to rating for a follower. Score and Stars are the same things. When I first started putting a UI together, I though it would be fun to use stars or grades (A -F) Unfortunately, I think stars are confusing people, especially since the default is 0 stars (score of 0).  When I get a change, I’m going to change score to a grading system, A to F.  I think that is universally understood.  I hope.  It will be odd to see a grade E though. :)


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