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September 19, 2008

Window QuickPwn 2.1 is out

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Yup. Go get it Windows users!

Supports 2.1 firmware with the unlocking and jailbreaking of iPhone 1st generation (2G) device. Supports the jailbreaking of iPod Touch 1st generation device and iPhone 3G. Your device will need to be upgraded to 2.1 ( using iTunes 8 ) before running this application.

More here..


August 31, 2008

Winpwn (jailbreak) 2.5 is out

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I have not tried it, but the read is good. 🙂

I haz winpwn

aaannd here is the link.

I did not see anything to make me change the jailbreak I already have, but here is new in 2.5

 - QuickPwn Support for 2.0/2.0.1/2.0.2

 - Root partition resize support

 - Installer support

 - Basic / Expert modes

 - Wizard style interface

 - Automatic updater

 - Support for WinXP and Vista 32/64bit.

August 9, 2008

winpwn (jailbreak) for iphone 2.0.1 for windows is out.. Already

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UPDATE:  WINPWN updated.  More here on my new site.

Wow. One day. They are clearly on massive coffee over there.

Ok, get your file hot of the server here.

Again, I’m going to hold off for a bit to see how it works in the wild.

{update} I have now pwned my iphone!

Here is what happened… and why I did it.


August 1, 2008

free iphone 2.0 apps I’m using

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Ok, so after my rant on the new iphone, lets see what we have here. In my previous post. ‘ New iphone?? Ok, get these.. ‘ I listed off some of the apps I had on the iphone. Well, now that I have the new iphone, and I have not installed jailbreak yet..

..a thought on jailbreak just for a second. First, a link to the latest jailbreak info

I haz winpwn

Yes, I like LOLcats, but this is from the linked site

Now why have I not jailbroken my phone yet; basically because you should never install any hack until its had a bit of time to get the bugs out.. Like the winXP hack called Vista. Although I would give Vista a LOT of time, or, never and dual boot linux and XP. Anyway, jailbreak (also called pwn or pwnage tools) is looking pretty good. So far the number of application available through Cydia, which is like installer, seems to be about 30 or 40 or 300 depending on the list you look at. I’m going with the 30 to 40.

Here is one list, and a longer list but I’m not sure if they are 2.0 or not. Some time next week I will jailbreak and test some of these out and report back.

Now, as for my current apps.

VNC: works well. Great to remote into my PC or Linux box.

Cube Runner: Simple 3D cube avoidance driving game that is actually kinda fun. Will be interesting to see where the developer takes this next.

Pandora: Nuff said

eReader: its ok. The reader is free but you have to pay for the books. But you get 2 books with the install, so its a good test to see if you can deal with reading on the iphone.

Google: Very useful

WordPress: I have yet to author on this mostly because the keyboard stinks on the iphone. I was hoping that I could edit draft posts, but I have not figured that out yet. You can edit exiting posts though. Very useful if you make as many typing errors as I do.

Twinkle: Why Twinkle? Because Twitterriffic would not load with the last message displayed. Very annoying.

Lander: Good for 5 or 10 min of mindless occupation.. 30 if you have been drinking.

GraalZone: Although the controls are a little hard, phone tilting, it’s not bad. A fun little game. What’s cool is that it’s multiplayer. This is one I will be keeping an eye on.

Nearby: Good idea. Needs more data though

reQual: Have not set up an account yet. But it should be useful once I get it going.

BreakClassic: Lasted all of 4 min. Going to uninstall this one.

(just added)

vSNAX.  Closest thing I’ve seen to TV on the iphone yet.

Did I miss any? If there are free apps that you feel are a must have, let me know and I’ll add it to the list.

What about the paid apps? Well, here is the thing. I’ve heard reports that some of the apps, yes even the paid ones, are buggy. I would rather try before I buy. What they need it a 15 day trial or something where I can install the app, make sure it works or I like it, THEN pay for it. That is how many of the apps through installer on 1.x.x worked. Bought the video program. Well worth it. Waiting for them to release the 2.0 version… any day now… video… yea, with sound compression too… still waiting….