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September 30, 2008

Shopping for an iphone cradle and remote control

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Seems like eveyone is getting iphones now a days including my brother.  At least around here.  An iphone is not for everyone and pretty soon I will post up a list of reasons NOT to get an iphone.. But this post is about something he just bought. Its a doc for the iphone with a remote control.

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August 5, 2008

new OS update iphone 2.0.1

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iPhone OS update 2.0.1 came out today. So being a risky kind a guy, I installed and tested and here are my results.

First off, as an winXP user, and full itunes hater (is it slow or did it crash again), I had to wait FAR too long for the download. Ave 650byte/s. Hey, I have high speed here… Lets get this cracking eh? BTW, we are talking over 200megs of changes here. If you do not have high speed, get some coffee. Everything is automatic, so once it starts updating, done mess with itunes or the iphone.

Things feel a bit snappier, but then again, a fresh load, kinda like when you reload windows. 🙂 We’ll see. I’m going to take a walk to check out the GPS, wifi pickup, and 3G. Also, I’m going to keep an eye out for the dreaded textfield lockup.

Ok, so far, everything seems to be working ok. The GPS at my home has moved a few inches, but eh. Walking around the lake, the error seems to keep around 10′ north on ave. Same as before.

Icons got moved around. Another, ‘eh..’

Well this is new. When hold down on an icon, ONLY that icon is offered to be deleted. Wait, this seems to be inconsistent. Hmm.. Only happened once.. Odd..

You can now move icons between pages.

Hey! Cache reload on Safari is MUCH faster! YEEAAA!!! App store seems faster too.

Still cannot access iTunes store via 3g. No biggie.

That is odd. Send an SMS, press the home button and you are taken to the phone app. Press again and then you are home. Hmmm… Only tried this once though.

Ok. So I’ve played with it for a bit, tried all the major functions and everything seems good. Loading the address book is still a hair slow, but acceptable. I even got a few contact images back. 🙂 So my final recommendation is go head and install. The feeling I had with V1 where the OS operation felt good and as Steve Jobs would say, looks right, feels right. The biggest improvement is the textfield. Not one stall…. so far. Course, with OS and application garbage collection, it might take a few days to see if the OS goes unstable… and, yea, I’ll scream if that is the case.

May 16, 2008

sweet new iphone app

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WOW 2 posts in one day?? Must be the heat.

Ok all you iphone users… get this now..

Here are the instructions..

1. In, choose the Sources tab
2. Choose “Edit” and then add
3. Goto Install tab, and choose the Intelliborn category, and Install IntelliScreen

This is still rough, and there are LOTS of room for improvement, but this is one of those apps that really change how I use the iphone.

Now my iphone is still 1.1.3 so I cannot comment on other versions, but so far, it has worked pretty well. There are still hiccups now and again, but I’ve only done 1 soft reset since install. Not bad at all.