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December 21, 2008

Video on unlocking the iphone 3G, done using Qik

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A few days back I posted about the unlocking coming at the end of the year.  Well I just a got a tweet on this video from one of the Qik guys.  Shows an unlocked iphone 3G running on t-mobile.  Get some popcorn and enjoy.

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December 9, 2008

Qik and CupCake Camp

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Every now and again, its nice to be able to video and broadcast even when you were not planning on it. I was at cupcake camp and it was a madhouse. Lord of the flies in full effect when the cupcake come out. So I took a few shots, then though, this is a video moment. Now Cycorder will do a better job of recording, but in this case, broadcasting in real time is more fun, vs recording, going home and hoping I get around to moving the files off the iphone and then post them somewhere.

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December 3, 2008

Top 10 Jailbreak apps for iphone 2.2

ok, in Dave Letterman fashion, from 10 to 1..

Number 10 …. (drum roll)

10. Qik

Provides realtime streaming video from your iphone to a web page where anyone can see it.  (If you set the permissions as such).  Also, if the phone cannot get a connection, it will hold the video till it does. Cool points for being able to see the video on the iphone.  More here.

9. Unix Tools (Mobile Terminal, openSSH –

If you have to ask, you do not need it.

8. WinterBoard

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November 24, 2008

Qik videos can now be seen on the iphone! The circle is complete

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About time.  I was actually surprised it took this long.. but we have a winner!  yes, Qik videos can now been seen on the iPhone. How? mov player of course.  The quality is pretty darn good.

This has been a weakness since both Qik, flixwagon and even livecliq (which I have yet to get working) from the start.  And I have not been the only one wondering why we could not have .mov on our devices.

Well wait no more kiddies!!   Now, you need jailbreak of course, but Qik is one of the ‘this is why I jailbroke my phone’ apps.

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November 16, 2008

Three user friendly solutions for accessing your iPhone like a USB drive

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Since we carry our iPhones (and sometimes iPods) with us no matter where we go, why not carry a few documents as well?  I choose three application that are useful for using your iPhone as a remote storage device.   If there is one I missed that offers unique functionality, please let me know.

I think most of us are familiar with USB drives to move files around. Well, with iPhones having 8, 16 and 32 gigs of memory, there is plenty of space to put documents, like spreadsheets and powerpoint , images, music and so on on the phone such that we can have access to it at all times. If you are in sales, how cool would it be to have a collection of presentation documents available at anytime?

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Files lite

November 11, 2008

Review of iPhone movie apps and tips for getting the most when your shooting.

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For those of you without jailbroken phones, just keeping moving along.. nothing to see here.. Ok, for the rest of you, there are 4 programs out there for taking video and for me, one that I cannot seem to get to work.

Cycoder: This is a pretty good app with a very simple UI. Start and stop. That’s it. The video is compiled on the fly and saved as a .mov file. If you used cycoder when it first came out, it did not have sound. Well, we have sound now.

I took the movie below using Cycoder, and given how much action there is in the scene, its not that bad.  Lets keep in mind this is a phone not spec’ed for taking movies after all. )

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November 3, 2008

3 iPhone tools you should have for the election

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Well, one day to go.  Tomorrow will be nuts with crowds and I will bet all kinda of odd things going on.  What is different this year is social media and the tools, especially hand held remotely connected devices, that can record and report from anywhere at anytime.

As such, there are three tools you should have on your iphone tonight.

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