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January 20, 2009

Review of Griffin Macro lens for the iphone camera … sweeet

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Finally, my case arrived.  And so as promised, I did a few experiments… First though, the case itself.

It’s a nice case, a bit too smooth for me which makes me fear I will drop it at some point.  I may place a grip sticker on it. The case comes in two pieces, so install is easy.  Griffin also included a protection screen and a cleaning cloth.  Nice.  Now, on to the images..


When I first started shooting and looking at the images on the iphone, I was disappointed.  It really did not seem to make a difference.  Then I downloaded the images using TouchCopy. Wow, it really did make a difference.  One of the reasons I got this case was because I like to take pics of bottles of wine I like, but I can never get a good shot.  As you can see, the lens made a huge difference, a difference I could not discern on the iphone screen. The main advantage of this lens is for text however, and again, promise delivered. What I would really love to see next is the ability to swap lenses in and out.  I have a feeling we may see this for other phones very soon.

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SMHeart Link: Taking the iphone as a biking computer to the next level

smartfitnessI’ve written a number of posts about using the iphone as a biking, running and even golfing computer. Well, there is the next level. A full training environment!  From SmHeart link. As good as having speed and elevation change is useful for training, adding cardio and other measure, like cadence and power, would bring you to pro level training.

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December 5, 2008

Airline barf bag as an iphone/ipod holder. Uber Random, Uber cool

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Really, THIS my friends is being inventive. @briansolis tweeted this link out from Random Cool Stuff on how to use a barf bag to hold your iphone/ipod.  As a fan of MAKE, I LOVE stuff like this. I only included the one image, but you can see more on the website.  @AdamSigner brought up a point about it falling if you hit turbulence.

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November 26, 2008

N.Y. Times ripps on the new Blackberry Storm… I agree

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I have my issues with the iPhone, and I have no problem expressing them, but all in all you have to admit, it’s pretty good.  The OS does a good job and being fast enough to keep up with you (not as much since 2.0) and things are mostly well thought out and designed.  No suprise, its Apple.  (No, I’m not an Apple fan boy).

So when I first heard about the Blackberry Storm I thought, ah.. an iPhone rip off.  No biggie, perhaps they will learn from Apple and make improvements..  Ehhh.. no.  When I first tried, I put it back down in 10 min and thought, clumsy.  It just does not have that ‘feel’ you expect from a device that is suppose to interact with you.  And the keyboard just did not do it for me.

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November 25, 2008

The next Andriod phone is a swiss army knife … Shame its zzzPhone

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I have been hearing on the interWebs that zzzPhone is at it again. This time, an Andriod phone. This looks about as dodgy as it gets, but I love the concept.  I heard about these guys back in March and dismissed it.  Well, they pop up now and again.. This time they are running Andriod.  Now that makes sense.  When I first looked at this back in March, people were saying the windows OS was hacked, then it was a hacked version of Sybian.  Heard rumers that the onscreen keyboard was extra. FTW??  All kinda of messy.  Now with Andriod, at least you know the OS is solid and well thought out.  Cant say the same for the hardware…

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November 19, 2008

What I look for when buying an iPhone battery pack

I do not need a battery pack since I have so many power adapters from testing, ) but if I needed one, there are two things I will look for…

It should be form fitting such that it becomes part of the phone or at least provide enough protection for the phone such that I can dispense of my current iPhone case, second, it should have a light/flash for taking pics and movies, and optimally, a better speaker.  I did take a look at dongle batteries, but all of them lack a light. I can see a dongle based solution if you are just looking to extend battery life and do not mind insuring you carry it around, but I really want that light. ) So lets look at a few..

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October 9, 2008

Cheap iphone docking station from ebay

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I wrote about this before, link here, and it finally came in the mail.  

Well, it works. There was one thing I though was kinda cheap, using a sticker on the remote to make you think it had a display.  Cheesy.  Second I had the impression the remote was going recharged.  Nope. Just a stand.

I went back to ebay to post a link but cannot find it, however, there are plenty of other simular offers. Go to Ebay and search these terms; “Dock Remote iPhone iPod

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