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November 5, 2008

Just got a new mac and wanna jailbreak (pwn)? Perhaps not

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There are a number of posts out there saying that jailbreak or pwn’ing does not work on the new macs. Well, its not the new Macs per say, but seems to be the new version of iTunes. 

..from iPhoneOverdose

The problem is that the Mac does not recognize the iPhone when it restarts on how DOMs, the amendment needed to install the operating system’s iPhone.

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October 8, 2008

PwnPlayer coming soon! Freedom from itunes!!

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Sweettt.  Can’t wait for this. I would have to say my main complaint for playing music on the iPhone is having to type in a password just to advance a song.  Well, looks like we have an app on the way to take care of that issue. I also do not care for itunes, freedom!!

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