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December 3, 2008

Top 10 Jailbreak apps for iphone 2.2

ok, in Dave Letterman fashion, from 10 to 1..

Number 10 …. (drum roll)

10. Qik

Provides realtime streaming video from your iphone to a web page where anyone can see it.  (If you set the permissions as such).  Also, if the phone cannot get a connection, it will hold the video till it does. Cool points for being able to see the video on the iphone.  More here.

9. Unix Tools (Mobile Terminal, openSSH –

If you have to ask, you do not need it.

8. WinterBoard

More here..


October 9, 2008

intelliscreen seems more stable with version update 2.26

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I’ve been having issues with intelliscreen off and on since 3G.  I decided to give it another try after one of the updates mentioned improvements in performance (hopefully better memory garbage management).  Well v2.26 seems to be working pretty well.  At least for the last 5 days. 

If you run anything before 2.23, you may want to have another look at intelliscreen.

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September 23, 2008


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I really like intelliscreen, and after a few updates was ready to buy a license. What I have noticed however, is a conflict with the iphone digitizer (touch screen) and intelliscreen at initialization.
Over time, the iphone digitizer would respond slower and slower and at one point, would not respond unless I restart.

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