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May 30, 2008

google IO party

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I have not been to many events in the last month, been REALLY busy. So much so, I would not even bother writing this post. However, after seeing the google IO party, I have to make an exception. I still am busy though, so this will be short and choppy. Please note all images were taking with my iphone. I may post the iphone videos up later. We’ll see.

First off, Google’s design for the event was binary code for GOOGLEIO. Instead its GOOGLEKO. Heh. Keeping that. 🙂 More on this error here..

The event itself was typical enough with exception to the public spaces…

Pool tables?? Bean Bags?? Well, ok, I can understand, its google. They seemed to have spent more time on the entertainment then the booths themselves. I sat down, opened my laptop and did some work. I was getting ready to go home and there was an announcement that there would be some food and drinks. My thought, ‘oh, some tray treats and perhaps a few things on sticks, and for drinks, perhaps wine and beer. I walk onto the second floor conference space and wow! its like bubble 1.0 again!

Arcade games. 4 groups of them

More pool, and air hocky, and tablefootball.

wii. Yes wii!!. I just bought one myself. Using it to get a bit of exercise. The boxing can get the same heart rate elevation as a brisk walk. Not bad. Waiting on the ‘fit’ exercise pad.

Food.. No, not just something on a stick, but pretty good stuff..

..and I spent some time here. Great display!!

and of course the ‘almost’ empty dance floor. I almost got a video of the guy break dancing, but switching the iphone from camera to video is not the smoothest thing in the world.

Now the only thing that was not 1.0 about this event was the swag.. Legos and Rubic Cubes?

All and all. Pretty cool. I did not stay long because I had things to do, but for those of you who were not around during bubble 1.0 , this would be a weekly event. 🙂

As for swag, well, I still have not seen anything like the pingpongball gun I got back in the day..

All the images are still in the raw iphone format. I may clean them up ( and make them smaller) at some point. But I doubt it.

Ok, back to work. 🙂