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August 18, 2008

GFail – Gmail down again today – We need a logo.

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Did not last all that long, but made me think, we really need an image for this. I heard ‘Gfail whale’ on twitter. Could be a good way to go. Better then Gfail goat. Just never sank in.

However, the clear thing is to make a Gfail image. I figured they would be everywhere, but no, I only found this one after a quick look..

Exactly what I was thinking… (athough I would have squeezed the G, F and a closer together.)

This came from Global Hermit. Good job!

Ok, next, we need to work this into the whale. 🙂


August 11, 2008

Gmail is down.. up.. down.. up.. ? Gfail Goat?

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Well, no one’s perfect.

Some on twitter are suggesting we need a gfail icon as with the fail whale. A few suggested a gfail goat. Sure, why not? So I whipped something up really quick.

Other thoughts and suggestions?

Also, I just heard from @mager via twitter that GMAIL basic HTML works. Did not test because the site came back as I was making the icon. HOWEVER… I have a lot of old duplicate email now. Grr….