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December 25, 2008

iPhone, GolfTraxx, GPS… FAIL

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So far, I have been pretty happy with each GPS app I’ve tried for various tasks; data logging when I bike or run, remembering where my car is, even logging my position when I twitter.  So when a friend of mine called me up for a last second game of golf in the middle of December, which of course I said yes, I thought this would be good chance to try out a few apps I’ve downloaded for golfing.  Boy, FAIL city, here I come.


First app I tried was GolfTraxx.  When I first downloaded it, it looked like a good app. You type in you zipcode, a set of courses show up, and then you hit start.  Great!  I’m on the first tee, and this is what I see.

More Here….


August 15, 2008

iphone keyboard numpad stays on during a call. FAIL

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Sigh.. Ok, another rant on why I regret going to the new iphone..


During a phone call, quite often the keypad will be displayed and active.  So I will be talking and either I hear beeps, mostly the key “2” or the other phone pad will show up and I’ll brush against the mute button.

What really bothers me is when I pull the phone away from my face, THEN the screen goes to sleep.  Put it back to my face, the screen is active again.  Grrr…

So clearly this is a toggle issue; and it should be easy enough to fix, but what really bothers me is the amount of time I’m sure they put in to maintain tyrannical control over the system, and not enough time making sure the OS works well. … really missing the first iphone.  … well, its just firmware.  He’s to hoping they are using the windfall from the iphone app store to fix this.