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November 5, 2008

Social Media, the iPhone and the election

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Well, another election has come and gone, but unlike other elections, this is the first election where social media had an impact on the outcome.

Obama used a grass roots based approach building and managing the organization. Just 4 years ago, it would be hard to imagine the level of organization and communication required to build and manage such numbers as those involved in the Obama campain through traditional top down means. But with youTube, Facebook, twitter and even the iPhone and Blackberrys; social media and the hand held tools that expand their reach has changed politics.

First, lets think about fund raising, something I’m sure everyone will agree was one of the major factors in this election’s outcome. What the Obama team did was focus on small donations via the internet. Although web based fund raising is not new, the way it was done was different.  In this campaign, we saw donate buttons on web pages and emails. Then, what I consider the first markable impact of social media, the ‘yes we can’ video.

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November 3, 2008

3 iPhone tools you should have for the election

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Well, one day to go.  Tomorrow will be nuts with crowds and I will bet all kinda of odd things going on.  What is different this year is social media and the tools, especially hand held remotely connected devices, that can record and report from anywhere at anytime.

As such, there are three tools you should have on your iphone tonight.

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