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September 18, 2008


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I’ve talked about this before, using the iphone field test to get numbers instead of bars to see what kind of reception you are getting on your phone. When I checked my phone before 2.1, I used to get -99 to -107 db on my couch. Once I updated to 2.1, I was still getting -99 to -107 and during a call… dropped.

So I figured, ok, yet another useless update.

However, a day and a half later, I finally jailbroke (pwned) the phone and did another field test.  This time it was coming in at -77db. (lower is better folks) Hmmm.. So the question is; was ATT slow in updating the software on their towers or did jailbreak actually improve my iphone performance!!  Well, I’m pretty sure it was ATT, but its fun to think it was jailbreak.

So far, I have not had another dropped call, but I do not use the iphone that much (mostly a skype user) so I’m not sure we can jump to any conclusions.


September 3, 2008

iphone tips to reduce dropped calls

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If you are on the edge of reception, these steps will help..

  1. Turn off 3G – like I have not said that enough.
  2. Put the phone down.  Holding the phone reducing reception.  Use handsfree or a headset. Wired headset preferably.
  3. Plug it in.  The iphone works better both because the cable is attached and the extra voltage that the direct power supplies.


August 15, 2008

iphone 3g dropped called and poor performance … fix coming?

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Everyone has been talking about it, and I’m one of those guys who can personally attest, the iphone 3G is just not as good as the first one. I’ve ranted about this before, and have even stopped using the 3G because it is simply not worth the hassle.

Well, seems like we may get a fix … we may … someday.

from appleinsider..

“The most recent report on the problem arrived Thursday courtesy of BusinessWeek’s Peter Burrows, who cited “two well-placed sources” as saying the reception issues are tied to the iPhone’s Infineon chip and will be addressed via an upcoming software update — likely iPhone Software v2.1 — rather than through a more disruptive step, such as a product recall.” … “BusinessWeek added that the problems have been isolated to high density areas such as Boston, the San Francisco Bay area, and several locales overseas. The reason the problems are just now manifesting is due to the increasing number of activations with each additional day the iPhone 3G is on the market, the report claims.

“Two sources say Apple will likely issue a software update by the end of September—if not by the end of this month—to resolve the issues,” Burrows wrote. “Apple and Infineon are currently testing the fix, which will be included in a broader update of the iPhone’s software.”

There are other issues, but if the problem is a weak chip, then I wonder just how far they can take this fix? I would love to see the specs and how they are going to change it. Clearly lowering the discovered traffic availability is a help, but if a poor antenna is the problem, then yes you can re-tune to help, but I do not think you can set that in firmware. If this is going to come out in a month, then I would guess the specs will be out in two weeks… and I will be watching for it..