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August 11, 2008

iphone 3G dropped calls … temp fix to help, not a full fix

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I’m getting sick of this and so are others.

Basically, the phone has been working well enough, but when I’m in an area of weak reception, like where I live, I seem to drop calls.  With 3G on, I drop them even more.  So the fix?

Turn off 3G.  Keep it off unless you need it.  I’m not sure if its the ATT network or the phone, but I have notice better performance all around with 3G off.  I’ve also found the battery will last much longer if you get into the habit of only using 3G when you need it. Keep in mind, this is still a phone!  and it needs to work as a phone before anything else.

This is not a full fix, and if you have another problem where your iphone crashes, you may have a bigger problem that keeping 3G off may not help.