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August 6, 2008

random iphone 3g crashes on 2.0.1

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This did not take long..

My phone is still running fine, however I’ve heard from a friend that his phone has become unstable. Basically he is getting random crashes using the phone during calls, playing games, using downloaded apps.  From what I gathered during a long email exchange, the problem SEEMS to be in how memory is moving as the phone performs a swap from one application focus to another or when messages are sent to the radio. The jury is still out on this.  I’d put my money on memory fail on application load and close.

Another issue he has been having is one I’ve seen while running 2.0. I was trying to open an app I loaded from the store and it crashed the thread and dropped me back to the desktop (home). All the downloaded apps did this, but the OS apps were working fine. I uninstalled 1 app and installed 1 app and boom, its working again. Been working fine since.

My friend did the same thing to fix his phone, and it seemed to help, but not solve the issue, and now he has a new problem. He reinstalled the Update and now itunes will only offer ‘setup a new iphone’ or ‘restore iphone’ despite running ‘restore’ a few times.

He called Apple, got passed to somewhere in Canada.. Canada? Eh?..and they said to simply run ‘setup new iphone’ and reinstall the apps he downloaded.  Its actually faster to do that then restore. Unfortunely this did not fix his problem. I think he has a physical fail somewhere in the upper registry of the phones RAM causing the crashes, my guess anyway. I recommended that he try a deep reboot… and remember kids.. this is the reboot that can only happen when you call Apple and ASK them to preform the reboot to.  (Really, I need to look into this one.)  Hopefully that will keep his phone stable enough until he can return it.

So, is your phone crashing on you??

I recommend these steps..

Before anything, sync your data.

1) reboot, of course. (test)

2) Remove a few applications, reinstall those applications (test)

3) Reinstall the OS update. (test).  If you perform a restore from backup and it gets stuck in a loop of re offering restore, use the ‘setup NEW iphone’ option.

4) Take it to the Apple store, yell, and get a new one, re-sync, re-install.