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September 30, 2009

Bionic Eye: Another AR app for the iphone

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I just posted a few hours ago that we are going to see a rush of new augmented reality apps soon, and then I get an email for a new app that does the basics you would expect, and it looks pretty nice. This one will work on 3GS phones, but without the fancy AR bits of course.   Its a buck in the Apple store.

Here are some details about how the application works:

– Vertical position: 360-degree view of all POI nearby your location, updated in real time as you walk in the streets.

– Horizontal position: List of all nearest POI. When a POI is selected, a blue arrow (compass) is displayed to show the direction and the distance to that POI.

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September 21, 2009

Sync the iPhone to MS OneNote with MobileNoter

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mobilebnote menuI’ve been waiting for this!!  Yes, as a hard core Microsoft OneNote user (remember, I’m all about tablets) I have been wishing there was a way to view my OneNote files on the iphone.  Although still in Alpha, and believe me, as a tester it’s in Alpha, we finally have it.  But wait! there’s more..

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August 12, 2009

Into Scrabble? Got iPhone? Well check this app.

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scrabble_wwfI like Scrabble even though I’m not very good at it.  However, I have a few friends that are just NUTS for the game.  So when this press release came in my email today I thought I would share it out. :) Oh, and wonder why they cannot call it ‘Scrabble”  Trademarked my friend!

“From Newtoy, creators of the smash hit Chess With Friends, comes the next handheld gaming sensation: Words With Friends! Featuring the phenomenal ‘turn-based’ multiplayer gameplay that made Chess With Friends so popular, Words With Friends is the ultimate crossword game for your iPhone or iPod Touch.”

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March 4, 2009

NPR on the iphone

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publicradioI have been a iphone radio user since AOL radio first came out.  I tend to use the digital radio just as often as I use the iPod feature. Missing however was public radio from AOL.  Well, that has been sorted.  Now, NPR Mobile has been out for a bit, but it lacked live streaming. Recently PublicRadio came out that gives not only live streaming, but MANY

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January 20, 2009

Change of igoogle for the iphone … not happy

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newigoogleARrrrggg…  I really liked the old version of igoogle for the iphone.  So today, they changed the format to a general mobile version.  Worse, I have to reselect my tabs again. Fortunately when you select ‘Add Stuff’ at the bottom of the page, my tabs from the desktop format is there, but still,  Grrr..

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SMHeart Link: Taking the iphone as a biking computer to the next level

smartfitnessI’ve written a number of posts about using the iphone as a biking, running and even golfing computer. Well, there is the next level. A full training environment!  From SmHeart link. As good as having speed and elevation change is useful for training, adding cardio and other measure, like cadence and power, would bring you to pro level training.

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Review of InfraredCamera and SP Photo – taking low light pics with the iPhone

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I actually downloaded this awhile back but have not used it until now. Its actually pretty interesting.  I took a pic of my cat in a low light situation.





This is pretty good. But then I thought, I have SP Photo lite on here, I wonder what I can do with it.

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My personal project Twittfilter is now in Alpha

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twittfilter_1231106002487Twittfilter is actually an old project.  I started it last Spring but only shared it with a few friends.  The first feature of Twittfilter is the ability to send you an email if a term (typically your twitter name)  is found in the public stream. Since you get an email  you do not have to be at a desktop to get replies. Pretty useful.

Lately, the number of people whom I follow and follow me have been increasing, and I’ve found I use DM’s on twitter more and more, almost as a secondary email/IM service.  Well this is all good and fine, except when I want to DM or @ someone and do not remember their twitter name.  Clearly we need an address book… and so I wrote one.  While I was at it, I added a few more features.

December 25, 2008

Why PdaNet is a Must Have for the iPhone

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PdaNet is not a new app, nor are apps for tethering new. I even wrote about and downloaded PdaNet back in Sept.  Story here. I never did have a use for it, nor did I expect I ever would, till today.  I took a 2 mile walk to starbucks (need the exercise) expecting to have a coffee and do some geeking. The wireless was down!!  WT??  Great.  Then I remembered PdaNet.  I tried to set it up once when it was netshare and had little luck with it.  Well, now that I had time on my hands, I gave it another try.

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Battleship.. SteamPunk style. Review of ChartFightSP

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ChartFightSP is basically battleship, everything works the same way, except the graphics are classic steampunk.  There is not much else to review really.  The game play is fine, good sound… its BattleShip!  What more do you want?  Do not know what steampunk is?  Check this..

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