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August 19, 2008

iphone 2.0.2 OS update is out, and installed, and …

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… and a bunch of nothing.  Yea, the browser seemed a touch faster, but that is a cleared cache affect.

I live on the edge of service so what I was looking for is a stronger and more stable 3G browsing experience. Well, first impression is that it’s the same.  I’m going to leave it on 3G all day tomorrow, take around Oakland and perhaps San Francisco and see how it performs.

On the plus side, CannonGame is finally working.  It crashed on the first try, but now it works.  That tells me they have improved some of the MANUAL memory management. Really guys, auto garbage collection, let’s get on it eh?

Here is the first odd bug.  I turn on the GPS and it has cycled between cell tower location, to GRP, back to tower, back to GPS and now we are in tower again.  Now, this happened as email started coming, in, so that could have caused the issue, but now its stuck in tower. … Still waiting…  Had to leave, open another app (force clear mem) then came back.  I now have GPS again. Cycles between a grey dot, which I guess means the GPS radio is in rest cycle and Blue Dot with perhaps 250′ radius.  This will be interesting.

I will update this post tomorrow…


August 15, 2008

iphone 3g dropped called and poor performance … fix coming?

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Everyone has been talking about it, and I’m one of those guys who can personally attest, the iphone 3G is just not as good as the first one. I’ve ranted about this before, and have even stopped using the 3G because it is simply not worth the hassle.

Well, seems like we may get a fix … we may … someday.

from appleinsider..

“The most recent report on the problem arrived Thursday courtesy of BusinessWeek’s Peter Burrows, who cited “two well-placed sources” as saying the reception issues are tied to the iPhone’s Infineon chip and will be addressed via an upcoming software update — likely iPhone Software v2.1 — rather than through a more disruptive step, such as a product recall.” … “BusinessWeek added that the problems have been isolated to high density areas such as Boston, the San Francisco Bay area, and several locales overseas. The reason the problems are just now manifesting is due to the increasing number of activations with each additional day the iPhone 3G is on the market, the report claims.

“Two sources say Apple will likely issue a software update by the end of September—if not by the end of this month—to resolve the issues,” Burrows wrote. “Apple and Infineon are currently testing the fix, which will be included in a broader update of the iPhone’s software.”

There are other issues, but if the problem is a weak chip, then I wonder just how far they can take this fix? I would love to see the specs and how they are going to change it. Clearly lowering the discovered traffic availability is a help, but if a poor antenna is the problem, then yes you can re-tune to help, but I do not think you can set that in firmware. If this is going to come out in a month, then I would guess the specs will be out in two weeks… and I will be watching for it..

August 13, 2008

iphone 3g car charger arrived and works

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A few posts ago, I talked about the unhappy discovery that the car charger I have been using with my first iphone, does not work with the iphone3G. I placed a few links on replacements included the one in the image.

Here’s the deal folks. I ordered it a bit ago, got roped into buying a few ‘the bad plus’ CD’s but that is another post. Anyway, I bought this for under 5 bucks and it works. It has a cheap feel, but thats ok. What do you want for five bucks? Now I have not tried the cigarette lighter part yet, so I’ll up date when I do that.

{update} Grr… put the car adapter in and it charged…. for 1 sec! Then died. Well, I will try to get it replaced, else, time to crack it open and get the soldering pencil.

{update 2} Sigh, now the power supply is not tripping over to apply voltage.  I checked and its still putting out 5V, but the phone is not accepting the power. Hmmm… The cable still works, so its still worth the money. But this is getting odd.

{update 3} I was sent a package from the ‘MyNewDeals’. Everything seems to work great.  More here.

What I like about this package is that not only do you get the car charger, which you can use for anything else you need to recharge via USB, but an extra wall socket plug and the cable retracts. Basically, an overall great traveling compliment for the iphone.

Also for the perhaps 1 out 1,000,000 people who even think about these things, the cigarette lighter also accepts 24v which is useful if you plan to use those common off the shelf 12v solar panel rechargers. Really good for keep your car or bike charged if you do use it that often. I bicycle or walk a lot. 🙂

August 6, 2008

random iphone 3g crashes on 2.0.1

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This did not take long..

My phone is still running fine, however I’ve heard from a friend that his phone has become unstable. Basically he is getting random crashes using the phone during calls, playing games, using downloaded apps.  From what I gathered during a long email exchange, the problem SEEMS to be in how memory is moving as the phone performs a swap from one application focus to another or when messages are sent to the radio. The jury is still out on this.  I’d put my money on memory fail on application load and close.

Another issue he has been having is one I’ve seen while running 2.0. I was trying to open an app I loaded from the store and it crashed the thread and dropped me back to the desktop (home). All the downloaded apps did this, but the OS apps were working fine. I uninstalled 1 app and installed 1 app and boom, its working again. Been working fine since.

My friend did the same thing to fix his phone, and it seemed to help, but not solve the issue, and now he has a new problem. He reinstalled the Update and now itunes will only offer ‘setup a new iphone’ or ‘restore iphone’ despite running ‘restore’ a few times.

He called Apple, got passed to somewhere in Canada.. Canada? Eh?..and they said to simply run ‘setup new iphone’ and reinstall the apps he downloaded.  Its actually faster to do that then restore. Unfortunely this did not fix his problem. I think he has a physical fail somewhere in the upper registry of the phones RAM causing the crashes, my guess anyway. I recommended that he try a deep reboot… and remember kids.. this is the reboot that can only happen when you call Apple and ASK them to preform the reboot to.  (Really, I need to look into this one.)  Hopefully that will keep his phone stable enough until he can return it.

So, is your phone crashing on you??

I recommend these steps..

Before anything, sync your data.

1) reboot, of course. (test)

2) Remove a few applications, reinstall those applications (test)

3) Reinstall the OS update. (test).  If you perform a restore from backup and it gets stuck in a loop of re offering restore, use the ‘setup NEW iphone’ option.

4) Take it to the Apple store, yell, and get a new one, re-sync, re-install.

August 3, 2008

iPhone 3G will not charge with my car charger

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This is something I did not even think to check till driving into iphonebarcamp today. The iphone 3G would not charge on my car charger. FTW? Well, seems like it’s a common problem and here is the reason, the pin that normally accepts power for firewire is no longer connected. Here is the quote from Macworld..

..iPhone 3G doesn’t support charging “via FireWire.” The thing is, there are lots of devices out there that don’t actually have a FireWire port, but are technically FireWire chargers because they’re sending power on the dock-connector pins that were used for power by the FireWire interface. There are a lot of reasons for this, chief among them the fact that the FireWire spec allows as much a 18 volts, while USB is a 5-volt connection. Since cars provide 12 volts of power, many if not most car-chargers used the FireWire method to send power.

Worse, the firewire line is spec’ed to take more power, thus shorted recharge times. The USB pin is only 500mA. On the other side of the coin, slower recharge is better for the battery.

Great. So now what? Well, we have a few options here. We can rewires this thing ourselves, but if you bought a cheap recharger, I can tell you right now its not worth the trouble.

The second option is to buy an adaptor. Here is a WAY overpriced one from Ridax.

the third and best option, buy a new adaptor. Here is one from Kensington, and another from Griffin. If you do not mind taking your chord or have an extra chord, you could try these guys who have an ebay story.

###### (Update) ##########

Found this charger on Amazon. Got a poor review, but for the price, I’m going to try it anyway. I’ll update here again once I get it and test it.

Here is a link to a blog with more information.

For those who want the geek details, go here

and here

Now the question that popped into my mind is… What about all those car manufacturers who made doc form factors for the ipod/iphone? If they used the firewire pin instead of the USB pin, then your car will not charge your iphone. Given that the 3G battery life is more like a 1/2 life, this can be an issue. Worse, some people will connect their new 3G’s into the car and not see the warning that it’s not charging.

The car companies are going to complain. BUT, will Apple listen? Apple vs. the car companies.. I will be watching this.

Another group of unhappy campers? Peoples who form fitting ipod/iphone players that had iphone adapters. If the manufacture did not follow the correct power pin placement, you will have to either play on battery or use a cable. Neither option is very good. I have an ipod/iphone desk clock radio at home. Should be interesting to see if it works. (UPDATE: it does.) 🙂

BTW, my car radio does not have an Aux in, but I still wanted to use it for hands free and playing my mp3’s from the iphone. Solution? Override the CD changer! Get an adaptor cable, try here and here.

Next, go to your apple store and buy the monster mic cable or something like it.

There you go. You are now hands free. …. No, I do not like bluetooth, and FM transmitters? Com’on.