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May 17, 2009

What could multi threading ‘run in background’ support in iphone 3.0 look like?

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backgrounderI was writing a post on the best way to use Pandora on the iphone (link to article) and it struck me that THIS is how we may see ‘run in background’ support working on the iphone and why we want it.

First a few words on the Pro’s and Con’s of running an app in the background. Pro’s. As I first mentioned, playing music NOT from the ipod. That means Pandora, AOL radio, last.FM, Stitcher, etc… Quite often when I’m driving, which is when I listen to iphone digital radio the most, I need to look at the map on occasion to check traffic or for directions. Also if I get an email, I use intelliscreen to look at the email header.. ( I do not read or write emails when I drive and neither should you). Its quite annoying, and a distraction to reselect the radio app again. How about text chat? or at some point having a VoiP conversation and not dropping the call because you need to look something up? Keep your game going while taking a phone call.. There are plenty more examples, but you get the idea, being able to let one app continue to function as you invoke another app has many benefits..  {more here}


March 24, 2009

Remote contollers with the iphone 3.0 update. I hope.

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zeemoteAt GDC yesterday, I walked past a display showing the ‘Zeemote’.  They had it working with a verity of phones (from the site: major manufacturers like Nokia, Sony Ericsson, LG, Motorola, and, Samsung).  Missing of course?  The iPhone!  Why? Because it uses Bluetooth which the iPhone VERY poorly supports.

However, times.. they are a chang’in..

The iPhone 3.0 update is suppose to significantly improve Bluetooth compatibility. When I talked with the guys at Zeemote, they said they have already started looking into it.

What I expect to see very soon is iControlPad’s device gaining greater support.  Here is the video if you have not seen it..

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March 4, 2009

NPR on the iphone

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publicradioI have been a iphone radio user since AOL radio first came out.  I tend to use the digital radio just as often as I use the iPod feature. Missing however was public radio from AOL.  Well, that has been sorted.  Now, NPR Mobile has been out for a bit, but it lacked live streaming. Recently PublicRadio came out that gives not only live streaming, but MANY

… more here

January 20, 2009

Review of Griffin Macro lens for the iphone camera … sweeet

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Finally, my case arrived.  And so as promised, I did a few experiments… First though, the case itself.

It’s a nice case, a bit too smooth for me which makes me fear I will drop it at some point.  I may place a grip sticker on it. The case comes in two pieces, so install is easy.  Griffin also included a protection screen and a cleaning cloth.  Nice.  Now, on to the images..


When I first started shooting and looking at the images on the iphone, I was disappointed.  It really did not seem to make a difference.  Then I downloaded the images using TouchCopy. Wow, it really did make a difference.  One of the reasons I got this case was because I like to take pics of bottles of wine I like, but I can never get a good shot.  As you can see, the lens made a huge difference, a difference I could not discern on the iphone screen. The main advantage of this lens is for text however, and again, promise delivered. What I would really love to see next is the ability to swap lenses in and out.  I have a feeling we may see this for other phones very soon.

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Change of igoogle for the iphone … not happy

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newigoogleARrrrggg…  I really liked the old version of igoogle for the iphone.  So today, they changed the format to a general mobile version.  Worse, I have to reselect my tabs again. Fortunately when you select ‘Add Stuff’ at the bottom of the page, my tabs from the desktop format is there, but still,  Grrr..

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SMHeart Link: Taking the iphone as a biking computer to the next level

smartfitnessI’ve written a number of posts about using the iphone as a biking, running and even golfing computer. Well, there is the next level. A full training environment!  From SmHeart link. As good as having speed and elevation change is useful for training, adding cardio and other measure, like cadence and power, would bring you to pro level training.

.. More here..

Review of InfraredCamera and SP Photo – taking low light pics with the iPhone

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I actually downloaded this awhile back but have not used it until now. Its actually pretty interesting.  I took a pic of my cat in a low light situation.





This is pretty good. But then I thought, I have SP Photo lite on here, I wonder what I can do with it.

.. more here ..

5 things SimCity really needs to fix.. now

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I really like SimCity for the iphone.  I think they did a great job, esp with the UI.  I still enjoy and lose far more time then intended playing it.  However, there are a number of things that just really piss me off.  Ok, so EA, if you are reading this, take notes..  Beginning rant…. NOW


5)  When I read a petitioner, do NOT dump me back to the map.  What if I want to read another one?  Give how many of those things that build up, its really annoying to have to keep nav’ing back threw the menus.

4) No rotation.  Man, that really bugs me that I cannot rotate the map.  I would think this would not be all that hard.

..more here..

My personal project Twittfilter is now in Alpha

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twittfilter_1231106002487Twittfilter is actually an old project.  I started it last Spring but only shared it with a few friends.  The first feature of Twittfilter is the ability to send you an email if a term (typically your twitter name)  is found in the public stream. Since you get an email  you do not have to be at a desktop to get replies. Pretty useful.

Lately, the number of people whom I follow and follow me have been increasing, and I’ve found I use DM’s on twitter more and more, almost as a secondary email/IM service.  Well this is all good and fine, except when I want to DM or @ someone and do not remember their twitter name.  Clearly we need an address book… and so I wrote one.  While I was at it, I added a few more features.

January 2, 2009

Top iPhone apps you should have for MacWorld

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First off, Happy New Year!  We are approaching the final count down to MacWorld and aside from a few bookmarks (and macworld – thanks @danielbru for reminding me), there are a few apps you may want to make sure you have installed. I’m going to break the list in two; jailbreak and non jailbreak apps.  I’m also not going to list games. I figure, you would already have that in hand.

Lets start with the non jailbreak apps:

Wifi, Files lite or Air sharing:  These apps allows you to share your iphone like a usb drive via wifi. So load up some of your key docs and keep them on hand ready to share at any time.  Looking for work? Put your CV on there.  The user simply types in a URL on their web browser and downloads the file. I like Wifi most because it allows the visitor to download images from my device as well. Now what will happen when more then 1 person has this running at the same time? I’m going to guess the port numbers will change. This will be interesting.

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